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LifeSPAN occasionally offers workshops and training sessions to assist families in planning for the future of their loved ones with a disability. For more information about these offerings and specific dates when they may be offered please contact our office info@lifespan-wa.org.

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Introduction to LifeSPAN

We invite you to attend a free one-hour session held regularly to talk about LifeSPAN and our approach to building relationships in the community. You will have an opportunity to speak with members of LifeSPAN who are excited about ensuring a good life for people with disabilities. You will also be able to get more information about membership in LifeSPAN, training workshops, and involvement in Networks and Facilitation.

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A Good Life

At this day-long presentation, you will hear the success stories of how families have created networks of support for their loved ones, practical advice on estate and financial planning and concrete ideas on steps to take to provide a safe and secure life for your relative.

This workshop is for you if you are asking these questions:

  • How will individuals with disabilities continue the quality of life they now experience with their parents?
  • Who will be there in the future to provide security and friendship for my son or daughter?
  • Who will be there to ensure that the interests of my son, daughter, brother or sister are protected, their contributions are recognized, and their needs and choices are honored?

This practical discussion explores the challenges families face in planning the future from the perspective of parents and adult siblings. It engages attendees in considering what makes a “Good Life” filled with: friendship, a chance to contribute, choice, a welcoming home, and a secure financial future.

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Wills and Estates

This workshop addresses these important topics:

  • Wills and Estates
  • Financial Planning, Financial Vehicles, & Funding a Special Needs Trust
  • Guardianship Options and Ensuring Choice & Safety

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Seven Steps

This training provides a small group setting where you will be guided through the steps of creating a “personal future plan” for your relative with a disability. Discussions are based on the book entitled Safe & Secure by Al Etmanski, co-founder of PLAN™.

Topics include:

  • STEP 1: Sharing your vision
    What would a Good Life look like for your relative?
  • STEP 2: Building relationships
    How can relationships be expanded?
  • STEP 3: Creating a home
    How can we create a welcoming and secure home?
  • STEP 4: Making a contribution
    How can the natural gifts of our relatives be validated, expanded, and encouraged?
  • STEP 5: Ensuring choices
    How do we respect the choices and preferences of our relatives and keep them safe?
  • STEP 6: Developing a will/estate plan
    What tools are needed to make your plan a reality?
  • STEP 7: Securing your plan
    A look to the future — what needs to be done to strengthen your plan over time.

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Facing the Future Together

Facing the Future Together is a one-day workshop designed to assist brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to create a clear plan for the future. As parents age, the responsibility for caring for a relative with a disability shifts from one generation to the next. This workshop helps families to look ahead and plan for this shift. Facing the Future Together provides the whole family with peace of mind and builds confidence for the future. This workshop is facilitated by a team of siblings and parents from LifeSPAN.


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Personal Safety Nets for Families Supporting Loved Ones with a Disability

This intro to Personal Safety Nets for parents and siblings provides an overview of how to better prepare ourselves to support our loved one with a disability.

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