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Mission, Vision, Values


Families receive peace of mind when they prepare a future for their relatives with disabilities which includes relationships. Peace of mind happens when you see, with your own eyes, the plans working while you are still actively involved. There is no better way to change the future than to plan for it.

Mission Statement

To support families in developing a safe, secure and quality future for their relatives with disabilities. Through planning, families envision futures where people with disabilities:

  • Share their vision for the future (Dreams)
  • Have financial security through will & estate plan (Wealth)
  • Live in a place of their own choice (Home)
  • Participate in a caring and hospitable community (Fellowship)
  • Have their wishes supported by family and friends (Choice)
  • Are protected from abuse and exploitation (Security)
  • Are encouraged to participate (Contribution)

Values Guiding LifeSPAN’s Work

Family leadership
The majority of volunteer leaders of LifeSPAN are relatives of an individual with a disability. Independently, each family is responsible for directing plans with their relative. Together, families view their collective wealth as an economic and social force in negotiating with government and the private sector.

Safety through relationships
Families know that safety of their loved one is directly related to the number and quality of relationships in one’s life as well as a system of checks and balances established by the family. Relationships are strengthened between families and within communities through sustainable, personal networks of support.

Contribution equals citizenship
A focus on community relationships and the capacity of individuals with disabilities and their families encourages participation and discourages victimization.

Organizational self-sufficiency from sustaining government funds is necessary to monitor and advocate for people with disabilities when their parents or relatives are no longer able to provide support. Self-sufficiency requires that groups rely on community partnerships and that groups charge families a partial fee for services; making groups accountable to the families served. (At the same time, LifeSPAN supports individual efforts to increase personal governmental support.)