425 883 9867 info@lifespan-wa.org

LifeSPAN’s Team

LifeSPAN Staff: 

Operations Manager: Aysha Haq info@lifespan-wa.org

Interim Network Coordinator: Aysha Haq info@lifespan-wa.org


LifeSPAN Board:

LifeSPAN was incorporated in June 2001 and became an independent 501(c)3 organization in spring 2002. In 2002, LifeSPAN also became the first U.S. and international Affiliate of PLAN™.

The LifeSPAN Board meets monthly except during the summer. If you would be interested in attending a Board meeting or joining the Board, please contact us or send an email to: info@lifespan-wa.org.

Current Board Officers:

  • Susan Carmony, President
  • Sue Willey, Treasurer
  • Kay Hirai, Secretary


Join us on the LifeSPAN Board or as a volunteer in another capacity!

We are currently looking for new board members and volunteers for work teams. We are interested in meeting with anyone who believes the strongest, richest communities create and honor a place for all citizens to contribute. We want people to join us who believe this, too. While not required, if you have experience in marketing, strategic planning, fundraising/special events, finance, community outreach, facilitation, and/or development skills you would bring much needed experience to our organization.

Please reach out to Aysha Haq (425/883-9867) or Sue Willey (425/885-4237) to let us know if you are interested, or you could reach us via email info@lifespan-wa.org, too. 

Please download & review the following documents for more information.

LifeSPAN Board Recruitment Cover Letter

LifeSPAN Board Job Description 2018

LS Bylaws Revised 10-7-2017

LS Board Bios 2017-2018

LS Board Mtg Minutes Jan 22, 2018

LS Board Mtg Minutes Nov 20, 2017

LS Profit and Loss Dec 2017 EOY

LS Summary July 22, 2017 Future Planning Workshop