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About LifeSPAN

LifeSPAN supports families in Washington State to develop safe, secure, quality futures for their relatives with a disability.

LifeSPAN: What Families Needs

You deserve peace of mind. LifeSPAN is here to assist you in that process.

After you are gone, who will be there for your son or daughter (brother or sister) with a disability?

People with disabilities need extra support to live in the community. And, most often, they will outlive their parents, older relatives or primary caretakers.

What are your plans to make sure supports are there when you are no longer around? Have you told your family what your plans are? Have you made a will which will make sure your son or daughter does not lose their government benefits?

David and LindaHow can you start making plans? Where do you begin? Thinking about the future and trying to plan ahead is an emotional experience which takes courage.

Through workshops, seminars, mutual family mentoring, personal support network facilitation and a lifetime commitment, LifeSPAN offers you the opportunity to make a plan now, supported by staff and other families as needed. This plan will be in place during your lifetime while you can see it in action. It will continue beyond your death.

What makes it hard for parents to imagine a satisfying life in the community for their son or daughter? Trusting in others and believing that people in the community will see the gifts of their children and relatives with a disability.

Join with other families like yours to create “a good life” through LifeSPAN – Lifetime Secure Personal Assistance Network.


Primary Activities of LifeSPAN

  • Future planning advisory services.
  • Creating and sustaining personal networks of support.
  • Family support, mentoring and advocacy.


LifeSPAN came together in fall 2000, after a PLAN™ “Good Life Workshop” for families sponsored in Seattle by Parkview Services, a non-profit dedicated to supporting individuals and families with developmental disabilities. From the 80 people attending the workshop, 20 stepped forward in an advisory role to bring the PLAN™ model to Washington. Eight individuals became founding members of LifeSPAN in winter 2001. Early development of the PLAN™ concept in Washington was funded by Parkview Services.

LifeSPAN was incorporated in June 2001 and became an independent 501(c)3 organization in spring 2002. In 2002, LifeSPAN also became the first U.S. and international Affiliate of PLAN™ of Canada (www.plan.ca), located in British Columbia, Canada. PLAN™ was featured in a National Public Radio story on All Things Considered on October 8, 2010 (you can listen to or read the story at the NPR website) and also in a June 25, 2013 NY Times Opinionator blog.